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Welcome to the "original" Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, also called the EHOF, which was founded and created over 10 years ago by serial and social entrepreneur Mitch Schlimer, while Chairman and CEO of the Let's Talk Business Network and host of the national radio show called "Let's Talk Business". As the EHOF continues to help and support entrepreneurs from all over the world on a daily basis, Mitch and his team of leading experts from all walks of the entrepreneurial world are working to transform his one of kind EHOF mission and vision into a physical facility that will have a tremendous impact in many ways, especially to strive to help increase the odds of success for those entrepreneurs and small business owners that drive our economy and this great nation. Mitch's original vision has grown into the EpiCenter, which will be a global iconic building where the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame will be located. Today, the EpiCenter, which is the home of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame is located all in the Marque 1 tower in downtown Atlanta. Nothing great and of real value is built alone, therefore Mitch is currently finalizing the perfect location for the EpiCenter which will be announced soon, while continuing to put together the best team of leaders from around the globe who are deeply committed and well respected in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Innovation, Small Business, Youth Empowerment and more.The EpiCenter, has created its own broadcasting network, called the EpiCenter Network in order to be the "Voice of Entrepreneurship" which Mitch has been called as he celebrates his 20th season as the producer and host of " Let's Talk Business" which is heard every Tuesday from 12-1pm on 91.1FM (WREK) in Atlanta, or anywhere in the world at www.wrek.org. Now you can watch all the inductees speeches and much more from the Class of 2012 Induction Event, plus listen to our radio network as well with such radio shows as "Inside The EpiCenter", "Stand In the Heat", " James Monroe Show" and "Sensible Franchising. Just click the EpiCenter Network link here.



The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame & Museum (EHOF) is the premier destination to recognize and celebrate the major contributions to the world by the greatest entrepreneurs in history. It will also be the epicenter for studying and teaching entrepreneurship, especially to our youth.



The Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame’s purpose is to have one major facility which will aggregate all those involved in Entrepreneurship, along with a major goal of significantly increasing the probability of start-up success. It will be the preeminent place to learn from the journeys of the finest entrepreneurs, as OPE (Other Peoples Experience) is invaluable to those seeking to open a business or be more successful.


Stage of Development

The Entrepreneurshis Hall of Fame is a not-for-profit startup, launched in January of 2008 by its founder Mitchell Schlimer. The EHOF was originally housed on the world wide web at www.ltbn.com, where the Let’s Talk Business Network educational radio & video assets are available. These informative interviews with top authors and business leaders focused on entrepreneurship and business are invaluable educational tools.


Products and Services

The products and services that will be showcased include a complete Hall Of Fame area and museum with exhibits from the inductees plus all the other organizations associated with the Hall. There will be paid admissions, annual membership, theater tickets to entrepreneurially-focused films, a Museum Store, a Café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, educational programs and workshops including Camps (Camp CEO), and facilities for hosting a wide variety of special events like the "Mentor Awards".



The EHOF will appeal to a wide-variety of demographics from all over the world, including: the general public, students of all levels of education, working professionals, corporate university attendees, people who own there own business (over 22M in US alone) and anyone seeking educational enrichment especially those who want to open a business. The EHOF will also appeal to museum-goers, tourists, business leaders, professionals, historians, and researchers.


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