Bud Hadfield

Bud HadfieldBud Hadfield April 16, 1923 - April 11, 2011

Bud Hadfield was one of the great entrepreneurs of our time. Bud founded Kwik Kopy in 1967, and was Chairman of the Board of The International Center for Entrepreneurial Development, a holding company which includes Kwik Kopy (located in 20 countries), American Wholesale Thermographers, The Ink Well, Copy Club, and Franklin's Printing. As a group they are the world's largest international alliance of printing and copying franchises. Bud was not only the author of "Wealth Within Reach," but was a real entrepreneur.

"In 1948 Bud Hadfield headed for Houston leaving behind a record of failures in an assortment of businesses. There he opened a small letterpress printing shop".

- excerpt from Wealth Within Reach WINNING STRATEGIES for SUCCESS from the Unconventional Bud Hadfield imageWisdom of Bud Hadfield


"I believe I was born to be an entrepreneur, as some are born to be lawyers of left fielders".

"Success is found on the other side of good enough".

"Negative thoughts, like mushrooms, grow in the damp and darkness".

"To start a business and to run it successfully, you have to like people. You have to care about them".

"The biggest mistake you can make in business is losing faith in people. Don't let a few who lie or backstab screw up your future".

"When you're too busy for your customers... don't worry about it. In time you won't be busy at all!"

"Greed is even more contagious than fear".

"Indecision is an insult to progress. When it's time to make a decision about a person or problem... trust your intuition... act!"

"I have known failure and learned from it-more than once".

"Bury your ego. Don't be the star. Be the star maker!"

His assistant Andrea Nevarez says, He can visualize things other people can't see.

Quotes are taken from the book, "Wealth Within Reach" by Bud Hadfield. Publishd by Cypress Printing.

Entrepreneurship at an early age

You might say that printing was a life-long pursuit for Bud. In junior high school he ran a print shop in his basement called The Family News.Bud Hadfield imageAs a youngster, Bud sold door to door ad sales, business cards and stationery print work for the neighborhood in Cranston, Rhode Island. He cleverly used his instinct knowing, "Who could deny an enterprising youth at your door"?

Bud recalls a life-changing event when the school printing teacher approached him at the age of 13 or so and asked, "Would you happen to have a job for me this summer"? Bud is now a strong education advocate but at the time this event would challenge his notion of formal education. Bud would continue to challenge the education system, earning an expulsion in his senior year from high school.

Bud had previously been president of the student body for 2 years while carrying administrative notes such as, "rebellious", fidgety in class", and "given to random mischief" in his school file. The passing of his father at only 56 when Bud was 15 played an important role in his instinct for trouble. His father was an honest hard working man without a history of drinking, smoking or other vices and did most things "right". He was the youngest child by fifteen years and spoiled and conniving by his own account.

On Monday April 11, 2011, after fighting illness for several months prior, Frederick Cordingley "Bud" Hadfield passed away peacefully at home with his family by his side.

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