Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

Welcome to the "original" Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, also called the EHOF and is within the EpiCenter, and founded and created over 13 years ago by serial and social Entrepreneur Mitch Schlimer, while the founder and Chairman of the Let's Talk Business Network and host of the national radio show called "Let's Talk Business Network" (LTBN). Mitch sold LTBN in order to focus the rest of his life on his biggest and most important VISION which is a physical facility for the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame which eventually became the cornerstone of the EpiCenter which is all about "Illuminating The Past, Empowering The Present and Empowering The Future" for Entrepreneurs of all ages from around the World...



Learn all about our distinguished Entrepreneurs who are the well deserved inductees in the "Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame" as we look forward to each year inducting more from around the world especially those who share the needed values of not only being an extraordinary Entrepreneur, but also are philanthropic and innovative which is an important part of our mission and the EPI in our name EpiCenter.



Our founder and Executive Director Mitchell Schlimer has assembled a tiny sample of unique and inspiring collection of audio segments with some of our inductees from Mitch's interview with them on his award winning Nationally syndicated radio show "Let's Talk Business" which aired for 20 years.Life long learning is critical to success in business and life!



The EHOF offers valuable tools and resources for our visitors. We're proud to provide these educational and motivational materials in the hopes that they enable you to succeed and prosper in your entrepreneurial endeavors. To start, see some of Mitch's recommended books to read and some of his favorite quotes as well as "Life Long Learning" is a must!


The ‘Academy Awards’ of Entrepreneurship Is Born: Entrepreneurs Gather for the Inaugural Induction Into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame

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