The Museum

While the physical location and construction of the museum are still in the planning stages, several keys features have been identified that we would like to share with you now.


Products and Services

The products and services that will be showcased include a complete Hall of Fame area and museum with exhibits from the inductees plus all the other organizations associated with the Hall. There will be paid admissions, annual membership, theater tickets to entrepreneurially-focused films, a Museum Store, a Café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, educational programs and workshops including Camps (Camp CEO), and facilities for hosting a wide variety of special events like the "Mentor Awards".



The EHOF will appeal to a wide-variety of demographics from all over the world, including: the general public, students of all levels of education, working professionals, corporate university attendees, people who own there own business (over 22M in US alone) and anyone seeking educational enrichment especially those who want to open a business. The EHOF will also appeal to museum-goers, tourists, business leaders, professionals, historians, and researchers.


Artist's Rendering
Artist's Rendering of Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame & Museum


The first of its kind, the EHOF provides access to valuable insights for successful new venture creation and wealth generation. The EHOF showcases within the building's remarkable landmark architecture: state-of-the-art interactive kiosks, artificial intelligence agents, educational programming and memorabilia never before amassed on legends of entrepreneurship all in one location. The EHOF will also feature a large searchable database of world-renowned business plans that received financing as well as the PowerPoint presentations and marketing materials that supported securing the sought-after funds.



The EHOF offerings will also include seminars and workshops that provide boot camps for entrepreneurial-spirited individuals, especially to help their new venture creations be more successful. The museum will feature interactive kiosks with artificial intelligence agents that are facsimiles of the inductees of the EHOF. Kiosks with computer touchscreens will display business plans, marketing campaigns, financing PowerPoints, elevator pitches, key interviews of friends, family and colleagues associated with the famous founders, psychological analyses of what makes an entrepreneur tick, and timelines and road maps that divulge the strategies and guiding philosophies that ultimately led to these famous founders’ success stories. A museum store will feature EHOF merchandise, such as t shirts, caps, keychains, etc., books, posters, and memorabilia about the founders as well as handcrafted souvenirs commemorating these entrepreneurs. A state of the art theater will showcase first screenings of entrepreneurial films, documentaries, and educational programs. The theater will also be utilized as the "set" for creating and airing programming, like "Let’s Talk Business Live" and other unique programming. The landmark buildings complex architecture will attract corporations and event planners to secure space for special occasions. A themed restaurant/café will round out the museum's offerings.


Proposed floor plan of E Hall of Fame and Museum



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